Web Analytics

Powerful Insights and Strategies with Google Analytics

Google Analytics 4 (GA4) provides the ability to track the performance of your web pages, so that you can determine which content is successful and strategise new ways to increase traffic and conversions. It also provides insights into the demographics of your users and the methods through which they arrive at your website.

Key Features Of Google Analytics

Audience Reports

This gives insights into the users viewing our website. For example, their location – are we getting the correct geographical bias as a local service? Are we getting more views on mobile or desktop? What are the demographics of the users we are attracting to our website?

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Acquisition Reports

How did the user find the website? Did they search for a keyword and find the website organically, or did they search for your brand name? Did they arrive through a social media link or a paid advertisement? These pieces of information are really useful when running a campaign.

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Behavioural Reports

These allow us to investigate how users flow through the website. How many pages did they view? Which pages are the most popular? On which pages do users exit the website? And how fast is the website loading for users?

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Conversion Reports

Allows for the creation of goals that you want users to complete. For example, you can track how many users are signing up for your newsletter or reaching the checkout page. This information is really useful in identifying how many checkouts are abandoned or which sources of traffic are generating the greatest results.

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Work With A Google Analytics Professional

Google Analytics is constantly evolving, and it can be challenging to set up and view accurate reports that influence your business strategy. While Google Analytics is free software that you can integrate yourself, it could be difficult to set up if you’re not familiar with JavaScript or the Analytics interface.

I am certified in Google Analytics 4 by Google and offer to set up and create reports with clean data for your business to help analyse its performance. It is important to understand that analytics will not tell you how to increase your web traffic. It will help you to understand what is working and what is not to help generate ideas and strategies and then test their performance.

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Google Analytics Services I Offer


£ 100
  • GA Integration With Your Website
  • Account Set Up & Basic Reports
  • Google Tag Manger Integration
  • Set-Up 2 Conversions

Enhanced Reporting

£ 150
/ monthly
  • Advanced Reports
  • Detailed Reports & Strategies Delivered Monthly
  • Set-Up Custom Events & Conversions

Web Analytics FAQs

How Does Google Analytics Work?

Google Analytics performs its functions through the use of first-party cookies. A cookie is essentially a tracker that analyzes how a user interacts with your website. To access demographic analysis, a third-party cookie is required, which will require a change in your website’s privacy policy as well as the cookie consent form for GDPR compliance. (Demographic analysis is generally not needed to develop successful traffic acquisition strategies).

What Is Contained In The Basic Reports?

The basic reports will contain your audience, acquisition, behaviour, and conversion reports. Independent analysis will have to be performed on these reports.

What Is Contained In The Advanced Reports?

Advanced reports contain mergers between different reports to provide more in-depth analysis and strategy planning. For example, a report that identifies whether users from a particular traffic source are more likely to complete a goal conversion. Note that within the Enhanced Reporting package, I will provide analysis on the reports for you, and this will be delivered monthly.

How Often Should Analysis Be Performed?

Analysis can be performed as often as desired. However, for increased confidence in the reporting, it is best practice for reports to be developed monthly. This allows enough data to be processed to determine if a strategy is working and how well.