Web Hosting

The Importance Of A Good Host

Finding a web host that will serve your website is an often overlooked part of the web development process but is crucially important as it can determine the speed at which your website is delivered to users as well as provide support when issues arise.

Make The Right Choice

There are hundreds of web hosts out there, and choosing the right one can be stressful. Therefore, I offer to ease this stress by providing a hosting solution that is fast, reliable, and local as one of my services.

Connect Your Domain Name

This service includes the purchase and/or connection of your chosen domain name to the web host. Please note that a domain name needs to be renewed every year.

Completely Optional

This is not a requirement to avail of any of my other services, and I can update and develop new websites on other web hosts if you already have a hosting solution set up. This is a service for those who want to make the process stress-free and are perhaps unsure how to set up a hosting account or interact with cPanel.

An illustrated character setting up web hosting on their computer on top of a server stack

Web Hosting Features

I offer this service through reseller hosting. Therefore, I purchase the accounts and set them up on your behalf. I have selected a host that prioritises reliability and speed. Here are some of the key features of the hosting provider:

UK Based

They are a UK-based hosting company with data centres located in London. Having servers closer to your users increases the speed at which your website will be delivered to them.

Blazing Fast

LiteSpeed web servers and caching technologies significantly reduce website load times. If you serve customers worldwide, a CDN can also be utilized to increase the speed at which websites are served globally.


All hosting packages come with a free SSL certificate, ensuring that users' data is encrypted and protected. Regular virus and malware scans also ensure that servers are kept secure.


There is award-winning support available when issues arise with a team of competent and talented individuals who possess extensive knowledge in web hosting.


A robust server infrastructure with a guaranteed uptime of 99.99% ensures that your website will always be available to users.

Green Servers

The power supplied to the data centres is 100% renewable energy, making them one of the first green web hosts.

Web Hosting Pricing

Hosting Monthly

£ 12
/ month
  • Domain Set-Up
  • cPanel Account Set-Up
  • Wordpress Instalation
  • SSL Activation
  • Website Hosted

Hosting Annually

£ 120
/ year
  • Domain Set-Up
  • cPanel Account Set-Up
  • Wordpress Instalation
  • SSL Activation
  • Website Hosted
2 Months Free

Web Hosting FAQs

Hosting Contract Length

All hosting is under a contract for a 12-month period, regardless of whether it is paid monthly or annually. After the 12-month period ends, it can be renewed for another 12 months or terminated. Domain names also need to be renewed annually and are included in the price.

Will This Be Suitable For My Business?

This hosting solution is perfect for both individuals and small or large businesses that utilise their website for marketing their services or products. An e-commerce website would require additional performance power, and I have custom-tailored solutions available for these specific requirements.

Please note that Shopify websites are hosted on Shopify’s platform, and therefore this hosting solution is not available for Shopify stores.

What If I Already Have A Web Host?

That is not a problem. This is an optional service I offer, and I can still provide web development, SEO or analytical services to websites hosted with a different entity.